Raspy young singer Juliet Simms took on the Police classic 'Roxanne' on 'The Voice' tonight, and got rave reviews from the celebrity coaching panel after her performance.

Simms, a 25-year-old singer from Florida, is a member of Cee Lo Green's team, and surprisingly he likened her voice to a young Sting prior to the performance. Truth is, her vocals are a lot more raspy and don't quite have the range of a young Sting, or a modern-day Sting for that matter.

In her performance of 'Roxanne,' she made up for her limited range with a burst of energy. At first listen, it came off a little grating, but upon watching it again, it did have a lot of power behind it.

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine chimed in at first, going so far as saying it was the "best performance I've seen so far." Christina Aguilera said she was "so into it," and that Simms' voice was "dope."

Cee Lo got the final say, telling Simms, "Wow baby, just wow! You just did an amazing job." Check out Simms' performance of 'Roxanne' below:

Watch Juliet Simms Perform 'Roxanne' by The Police on 'The Voice'