The North American leg of Judas Priest's tour kicked off on Wednesday night (Oct. 12), and the set list in San Antonio is sure to leave fans of Rob Halford and company not for wanting. They didn't miss many hits and delivered two encores.

"We're pulling out all the stops," Halford said before the tour began. "We've built a brand new stage set, we've got all the effects that people love us for -- the lasers, the fire, the bombs, the smoke, new costumes, and the bike. It's just a full-on metal extravaganza."

Two cover songs, 'The Green Manalishi' and 'Diamonds and Rust,' from the band's new 'The Chosen Few' album were included. The collection includes originals and covers chosen by rock stars like Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne and Slash.

Thin Lizzy and Black Label Society opened the tour, which continues Friday night in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Judas Priest San Antonio, Texas Oct. 12 Set List
1. 'Rapid Fire'
2. 'Metal Gods'
3. 'Heading Out To The Highway'
4. 'Judas Rising'
5. 'Starbreaker'
6. 'Victim Of Changes'
7. 'Never Satisfied'
8. 'Diamonds & Rust' (Joan Baez)
9. 'Dawn Of Creation'
10. 'Prophecy'
11. 'Night Crawler'
12. 'Turbo Lover'
13. 'Beyond The Realms Of Death'
14. 'The Sentinel'
15. 'Blood Red Skies'
16. 'The Green Manalishi' (Fleetwood Mac)
17. 'Breaking The Law'
18. 'Painkiller'

19. 'The Hellion'
20. 'Electric Eye'
21. 'Hell Bent For Leather'
22. 'You've Got Another Thing Comin''

Second Encore
23. 'Living After Midnight'

Watch Judas Priest Perform 'Living After Midnight'