If you want to like Journey's new song 'Resonate,' don't watch the music video the band recently released of Neal Schon pawing at girlfriend Michaele Salahi. The borderline soft-porn clip for the song will be hard to purge from your senses. It lingers like the scent of bad milk.

There really isn't much to criticize other than the intensely personal feel of lyrics that must cause singer Arnel Pineda to want to shower immediately after singing them. It's like watching strangers grope on the city bus. Sure it's romantic and cute at first, but after awhile you want to pay for them to get a hotel room.

"When I'm alone / I keep replaying the look of love in your eyes / When I miss home / I swear I die every time we say good bye / Like a gentle wind you cross my mind / I lose myself, I lose all sense of time," Pineda sings during the first verse. On paper, they're laying it on a little thick, but throughout the song the band stays true to the music they've crafted for decades. It's a big, powerful rock ballad that Schon slobbers all over with his personal story.

"I feel you presence all around me / On the same frequency / It's all our love can be / When we resonate / Resonate," they sing during the chorus. "Even though we're miles apart / I reach for you and there you are / You bow the strings that move my heart / Resonate / Resonate."

The majority of the band's fans may not be as familiar with the details of the Schon/Salahi courtship. That's a blessing. The rest of us will do our best to get over it and enjoy this pretty rock-solid single from the band's 'Eclipse' album.

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