Contestant Josh Krajcik sang a spare, a capella version of Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young' on 'X Factor' tonight (Oct. 25), and his performance was good enough for him to avoid elimination and move into the round of 12 on the televised singing show.

It's been pretty clearly established that we don't like this show -- at the very best, after hours and hours of national television time stretched out over several months, what are we going to get? Another mediocre pop star, most likely. We'd much rather be listening to Dylan's recently reissued 'Oh Mercy' album, but whatever.

Fact is, Krajcik sang the song really well, albeit in an over-dramatic manner that stripped much of the grit off Dylan's original 1974 version. At least it was nowhere near as saccharine as Rod Stewart's 1988 rendition.

The judges on the show liked it enough to send Krajcik onto the next round, with Simon Cowell labeling it "probably the best performance we've had" so far on the show. Judge for yourself, we're cranking up 'What Was it You Wanted' again.

Watch Josh Krajick Sing Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young' on 'X Factor'