Josh Krajcik simplified the Beatles' brilliant, rhythmically inventive 'Come Together' down to an overly dramatic, blues-rock bar band level tonight on 'X Factor,' and everybody but us seemed to love it.

OK we can see how he and his mentor Nicole Scherzinger (who, by the way, has demonstrated, week after week, an inability to form sentences and make decisions that would send a less attractive person straight into a supervised facility) would feel the need to remove Ringo Starr's awesome drum fills and change the arrangement to something better suited to Krajcik's Joe Cocker-lite, scruffy, toothless "soul man" persona.

So hopefully we can respect his vocal talent -- the guy can sing -- and still choose to not like the style in which he performs. Luckily for him, we seem to be alone on this one, with all four judges putting aside their typical (cough FAKE cough STAGED) bickering to line up and sing his praises. L.A. Reid congratulated Josh and told him that was the best he'd seen him perform.

Paula Abdul said... well, we forgot to hit the translator, actually. Something about her soul being attacked. Nicole pointed at things excitedly a lot and even Simon, who normally hates even more things on this show than we do, seemed impressed and declared that the bearded one deserved to be on next week's (thank God) finals.

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform the Beatles' 'Come Together' on 'X Factor'