Yes talks about the sweeping influence that their new frontman had on the group's new release 'Heaven and Earth,' in a Frontiers Records video premiering exclusively on Ultimate Classic Rock.

"Working with Jon Davison for the first time as a writer makes it another chapter in Yes' history," stalwart bassist Chris Squire says. "It makes it exciting." 'Heaven and Earth' is available now via Amazon and iTunes.

This is Yes' 21st album, but the first with Davison, who began working with the band in 2012. He arrived with a briefcase overstuffed with ideas, and proceeded to write or co-wrote every song on 'Heaven and Earth,' save for Steve Howe's 'It Was All We Knew.'

"From a personal perspective," Davison adds, "ever since I joined the band, I've been preparing for this album. I got going on demos right away. I was really inspired, and it's so neat to hear the band take on what I've offered, interpret it differently, and add their own things to it, their own flavors. It's just expanded these songs, and it's been a really exciting process."

Squire co-founded Yes in 1968, with Howe and then Alan White joining in the early '70s. Geoff Downes returned to the band in 2011 after a 1980-81 stint. That lengthy history together was clearly given a jolt with the addition of a new creative voice in Davison.

"Every album is different," Howe admits. "It feels different, it's a different time, different sensibility -- and maybe a different mood too, which I think comes through in the music."