The daughter of rocker Jon Bon Jovi will not face any jail time after her alleged heroin overdose, as the D.A. in the case has dropped all charges against her.

TMZ reports that the Oneida County District Attorney's Office has dismissed all charges against 19-year-old college student Stephanie Bongiovi as well as the 21-year-old male student who was also involved in her alleged overdose.

Bongiovi was arrested after being treated by emergency medical personnel at a Hamilton College dormitory. Police claimed they found small quantities of heroin during a search of the room, along with marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

The D.A. stated that the charges were dropped because of a New York law that specifically prohibits prosecution of people experiencing a drug overdose -- as well as the people who help the person experiencing the overdose in seeking medical care.

Stephanie is the oldest of the Bon Jovi singer's four kids. She was taken to the hospital early Wednesday morning and released later that day.