Because even when you're working on the docks or riding your steel horse it's important to smell your very best, Jon Bon Jovi has partnered with Avon to announce the impending release of two new perfumes.

In a press release billing Bon Jovi as the company's "newest celebrity fragrance partner," Avon heralded the imminent arrival of Unplugged for Him and Unplugged for Her, scents formulated to create "an emotional connection" and recreate "the unique feeling one has listening to a favorite song."

Unplugged for Her, described as "a floral oriental perfume," is scheduled to arrive in October, with Unplugged for Him's "woody floral musk fragrance" following in November. Both perfumes will be available online and through your friendly neighborhood Avon lady.

This isn't Bon Jovi's first stint as a perfume pitchman. Previously, he appeared in ads for Kenneth Cole's RSVP fragrance as part of a deal to help raise funds for the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation, which helps economically disadvantaged families "break the cycle of poverty and homelessness."

While no specific charity has been mentioned, Bon Jovi's Avon deal appears to be similarly motivated -- as the press release put it, "admiration for each other's involvement in philanthropy largely drew them together as partners."