John Fogerty's second take on classic Creedence Clearwater Revival songs may not be so different after all. Fogerty and Kid Rock team up on 'Born on the Bayou,' with the Motown rock-rapper handling most of the vocals. 

Kid Rock's performance is praiseworthy, especially in comparison to Fogerty's vocals. The latter is almost cartoonish at times -- someone impersonating a grizzled, swamp-bluesman.

"Wishin' I were a fast freight train / Just a chooglin' on down to New Orleans," Fogerty says late in the song. One has to Google search the lyrics to separate his slurred message. Perhaps it's just a little too real, or perhaps his voice hasn't withstood the test of time. A deeper dive into the legend's upcoming duets album 'Wrote a Song for Everyone' should provide the answer.

Vocal quirks aside, this cover is a refreshing look at a great song from 1969. The lead guitar work is what one will remember best. At 4:46 the song is actually shorter than the original, but the solos are more pronounced and powerful. It feels like a 10-minute jam you wish would go for 20.

The new 'Born on a Bayou' also brings the rest of the band to the front of the stage. The thick bass line that's all but buried on this original holds down the rhythm section, making something of a Motown/Memphis marriage. Maybe that's what Fogerty had in mind by choosing Kid Rock. The long-haired bad boy provides the chorus, which many will hold in great disdain. It's not a great decision, but in the big picture it finds its place tucked behind a masterful musical arrangement.

'Wrote a Song for Everyone' arrives in stores May 28. You can purchase 'Born on the Bayou' on iTunes.

Listen to John Fogerty (Kid Rock), 'Born on the Bayou'