Rick Diamond, Getty Images


Joe Walsh spent much of last week in New York promoting his new album, 'Analog Man,' Despite the aversion the narrator of the title track has to technology, Walsh uploaded a video detailing his tour.

"I came to New York with [wife] Marjorie and the first thing I did Monday morning was go on the Howard Stern show, and that was pretty good," he said of his appearance. "Howard was pretty nice."

The video shows him on the sets of various TV shows, laughing with actor Morgan Freeman, playing a promotional concert, being interview publicly by David Fricke of Rolling Stone, meeting fans and signing autographs. Life's been good to him so far, indeed.

Ever one of rock's characters, Walsh commented on the promotional tour with his trademark dry wit. "I'm here today and I'm gonna be on 'Good Morning America," he said from his dressing room. "And all I can say is, 'Good morning, my ass. It It would be great publicity if I, like, pulled my pants down or something."

Thankfully, Walsh's trousers remain in place for the duration of the video.

Watch Joe Walsh's ''Analog Man' - Release Week' Video