Steven Tyler recently told reporters he hadn't read Joe Perry's new memoir, and didn't intend to. But as with many things Aerosmith, there may be more to the story.

Smashing Interviews asked Perry about Tyler's refusal to read the book, and as far as Perry's concerned, it's all a lot of hot air. "As far as I know, Steven has read the book, from what I have gathered," he said. "Actually he texted me and said he read the first four chapters and really liked it. He said the packaging was very good as well as the pictures and art and all that stuff. Those are the kinds of things he would notice. That's the best information I can give you."

The oft-squabbling creative partners have definitely had their share of ups and downs over the years, and Perry made it sound as though their friendship has seen better days -- not that it necessarily has any bearing on the music. "You can love your brother, but you don't have to like him," he pointed out. "There are not too many bands out there that are touring all the time that manage to keep the same guys in the band, the same lineup that was there in 1971. That takes a lot of work. It's as simple as that. You learn how to adjust, as you get older. You go from being a teenager with no responsibilities to middle aged with wives and girlfriends, and then you become fathers and grandfathers. We've all had that side of our lives, and we've had to reconcile that with this rock and roll thing, which is a timeless kind of music. I truly believe it helps keep you young."

Perry's memoir, 'Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith,' is out now, and while it doesn't mince words regarding the hard times Aerosmith's members have had, Perry ultimately sees it as a chronicle of the ways in which being in a band can be "a learning process in how to deal with each other's personalities." Whatever their issues, their musical bond has always won out, and as Perry puts it, "That's one of the reasons I wanted to write the book, because people hear stuff about Joe and Steven not getting along."