Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott still is harping on the fan of the band who caused a bit of a scene a few months ago when he led an online forum of fans complaining that Def Leppard's set lists didn't have enough variety from night to night. At the time, Elliott called him 'f---ing idiot' and vigorously defended his band's static set lists.

Now Elliott has an even more creative nickname for the complainer. "We’ve named him Dorito Boy because he obviously lives in his mum’s basement and he can’t get out of the chair because he weighs 500 pounds," Elliott tells the Aussie music site Tone Deaf. "He’s the guy the FBI go to when they need somebody to hack into the Kremlin. He moans that we played the same set four nights running. He’s not taking into consideration that we don’t pack the crowd up and take them with us and play the same songs to the same people!"

But did "Dorito Boy"'s bitching work? Def Leppard are adding another of the three new tunes from 'Mirrorball' to their setlist, and there's still more changes on the way. "We’re also bringing some old new ones back, if you like," reveals Elliott. "Stuff that’s old but that we’ve never played before or we haven’t played for many, many years. So we’re trying to expand it a little bit so that maybe we can play a totally different show if we have two nights in the same town."

Elliott may have relented in the setlist battle, but he certainly isn't about to back down in the war. "If we do a gig in New York and we all come offstage and go, 'That was the most perfectly paced set we’ve ever played,' why would we not want to play that in Kansas or Los Angeles or Chicago?" he asks. "It’s not the same crowd! We don’t play to the Internet brigade! But there’s always this temptation to keep changing the set to keep them happy. They don’t come to the gigs! So that’s always a tough call really, but it’s just one of the things you have to deal with."