Jimmy Page appears finally set to reveal his official website. The legendary guitarist is counting down the days -- in roman numerals -- until the site's July 14 unveiling. Those who reach JimmyPage.com right now will only see sand slipping through an hour glass, and a link to subscribe to the page.

"I think that will bring a few surprises to how thing normally are," Page said of the website at the Ivor Novello Awards in London last month. "Once that's done, then I'm going to start working on some new music." There are a few theories as to why July 14 may be a significant date for Page. The Morton Report suggests it has to do with astrology; certainly that would fit what fans know of Page's personality. It's also possible that's just the day the website will be ready.

Page's suggestion that new music will follow is certainly exciting news for Zep fans, however it's unclear if this means a new solo album, or another collaboration. In the past 25 years he's done far more of the latter, including two albums with Robert Plant, one with The Black Crowes and a documentary called 'It Might Get Loud' with Jack White and Edge from U2.

Frustratingly, he hasn't released a true solo album since 1988's 'Outrider.' As he shows in this video with White and Edge, he hasn't lost his touch on the fretboard.

Watch Jimmy Page teach 'Kashmir' to Jack White and Edge