Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has launched his first official website, JimmyPage.com, and the pages are impressive. From exclusive videos to a comprehensive concert history, the site offers a plethora of goodies for diehard Zeppelin and Page fans.

One of the coolest features on the site is a daily video that's accompanied by a personal anecdote by Page himself. For example, today's clip contains footage of Page performing a solo using a theremin and a bow during Zeppelin's concert at the Seattle Kingdome on July 17, 1977.

"The Kingdome, an inflatable dome in Seattle, was an indoor venue that held 70,000 people," recalls Page. "It felt surreal, as we entered the building through an airlock door. Here is a section of my solo spot that features the theremin and the bow and the exploration of both. It's lengthy but gives an example of my avant-garde journey with this sonic architecture."

Fans will have to register on the site to access all of its pages. Among the treats are a comprehensive concert listings and discographies that include Page's work with Zeppelin, the Yardbirds and all of his other projects. There are also some incredible photos of Page throughout the years. In addition, there will be breaking news updates.

We here at Ultimate Classic Rock registered and think the site is a treasure for Jimmy Page fans. Check it out for yourself by heading to JimmyPage.com.

In other news, Jimmy Page performed with the Black Crowes at a concert in London. Read all the details about his surprise appearance here.

Watch the JimmyPage.com Clip of Page's Stunning Solo at Led Zeppelin's 1977 Concert in Seattle