Jimmy Page joined the Black Crowes at their London concert last night (July 13) for a loose and lively rendition of Elmore James' 'Shake Your Money Maker.'

The legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist, who ended a long spell without any live appearances by performing two songs with Donovan last month, appeared to be in great spirits as he ripped through a series of brief solos during last night's performance of the blues classic.

Of course, Page and the Crowes are familiar with both the song and each other, having performed it together on their 2000 live album team-up 'Live at the Greek' and the resulting world tour.

Any minute now, Jimmy's brand new website, JimmyPage.com, is expected to be unleashed onto the rock world for the first time. According to a press release issued this morning, one of the site's key features will be a daily "On This Day" diary entry from Page, sharing his memories of important events from across his legendary career.

As of 9AM ET, JimmyPage.com is not live, but we will update you as soon as this changes.

(UPDATE: Apparently the site IS live, but as you can imagine, as with any new site sought out by such a large audience, they're having some slight initial technical and bandwidth trouble. We'll keep trying, we're sure you will, too!)

Watch Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes Perform 'Shake Your Money Maker' in London July 13