Just one day after fans of Jimi Hendrix were given a glimpse at the track-listing of 'People, Hell and Angels' -- a new album scheduled for March 5 -- engineer Eddie Kramer has revealed a sample of some of the sounds the legend was working on before he died in 1970. In a new video he shares a clip of 'Somewhere,' a song Hendrix recorded with Stephen Stills and Buddy Miles.

"I see fingers, hands and shades of faces / Reaching up and not quite touching the promise land," Hendrix sings after a psychedelic solo to open the song. Rolling Stone revealed the video on Tuesday (Hendrix's 70th birthday), less than a week after fans learned that a new album was in the making.

"His vocal, Jimi's vocal sort of just encapsulates this lovely softness in his voice," Kramer says. "It's wonderful." The 12-song collection was recorded in 1968 and 1969, but Hendrix was constantly tinkering in the studio. Kramer, who engineered the three albums Hendrix released while he was alive, says if the guitarist wasn't on the road, he was in the studio toying with different sounds and groups of musicians.

"It's a fantastic window into Jimi's mind, putting together bands that were different from the Experience," he says of 'People, Hell and Angels.' This will be the 10th album released posthumously, including the 12-song, 2010 project 'Valleys of Neptune.'