If you're reading this site, we'd say chances are high that you're a pretty big fan of Jimi Hendrix's music. But we'd also be willing to bet that you aren't enough of a fan to spend the time it would take to craft an image in his likeness using thousands of thumbtacks.

Only one man has that kind of patience, and his name is Andrew Woolery. Armed with more than 50,000 thumbtacks, Woolery has created a series of portraits he's dubbed the Mixtape, in which he presents strikingly new ways of looking at American icons such as Hendrix, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Barack Obama.

Woolery told the UK's Daily Mail that he was originally inspired by the vibrant colors of Froot Loops. "Luckily I moved away from Toucan Sam when I found a mixed color pack of thumbtacks," he recalled, describing each tack as a "pixel" that operated as "a lesson in spacing, light, and color."

"I am now an expert on thimbles and own a thumb specific ice pack," Woolery joked. "I had to ice my thumbs and elbow every night so I could continue pushing pins."

You can admire and purchase both the original and canvas versions of Woolery's artwork from his official website.