The final concept and design for a Seattle park paying tribute to the late, great Jimi Hendrix has been revealed, and it includes things regularly found in nature like flowers, the sun, water, butterflies and…guitars!

Well, you can't have a memorial for Hendrix without a guitar; that would uncivilized. But it's interesting that the architects and engineers of the Hendrix park are meshing the axe with nature! The design will also include a creative use of color, as well. We're thinking there will be some purple (haze) involved. Overall, it already sounds like some place that anyone with a connection to rock music would want to visit.

The final design for the Hendrix park was unveiled at a public event  -- there were two previous events and this was the last -- on Wednesday, Aug. 10. The concept was detailed by the consulting landscape architects at Murase Associates. The public was allowed to make comments on the design for the park, which has been in the works since the land was designated for such in 2006.

Other elements of the design will incorporate Hendrix's writings, music and art. A non-profit organization known as Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park is leading the development of the space, with a goal of motivating the youth, to pursue their interests in the arts. The park would also serve as the location for multi-cultural gatherings and activities.

More details about the Hendrix park are available here.