Jimi Hendrix fans in the U.K. will soon be able to celebrate his music by venturing to a new museum, located on the site of the London apartment he called home for the last two years of his life.

NME reports that the museum, which is being made possible via a large grant from the U.K.'s Heritage Lottery Fund, is the result of years of effort from Hendrix fans who have been "desperate to access the residence for many years." Things have been complicated by the fact that the building, located on Brook Street, was also once home to the composer George Frideric Handel -- and when the Handel House museum opened in 2001, it cut off access to Hendrix's former residence.

As NME report points out, Hendrix was aware of Handel's connection to the building, and he consciously sought out Handel's pieces while he lived there -- which makes it only fitting that the new museum will include "a learning program about music between the baroque and rock genres" in addition to "pieces of Hendrix's life, work and musical legacy, not to mention historically accurate furnishings."

No date has been given for the Hendrix museum's opening, but Heritage Lottery Fund chairman Wesley Kerr told the Guardian that he's "delighted" by the idea. "The Handel House Museum is one of the most precious and evocative places in London," said Kerr. "To visit the beautifully restored home where one of history's greatest composers lived, and invented some of the finest music ever written, is already pure joy. It will make available to visitors the neighboring flat where Jimi Hendrix, another extraordinary musical emigre from a more recent era, found inspiration and happiness, transcending musical boundaries in the heyday of rock 'n' roll."