It looks like Jimmy Fallon is the latest person to be showing symptoms of "Linsanity." Fallon mined Pearl Jam's back pages during Thursday night's 'Late Show' to bust out a song called 'Jeremy (Lin),' a tribute to the current New York Knick's basketball sensation Jeremy Lin set to the classic PJ tune from their 1991 debut album, 'Ten.'

Following in the footsteps of January's Tim Tebow / David Bowie parody tune 'Tebowie,' this time Fallon wore his best flannel and donned a long-haired wig to portray singer Eddie Vedder for the spoof, which featured lyrics like "The Knicks were 8 and 15/ Oh and before that, no one really cared/ Now Jeremy is winning/ And the Knicks don't suck."

Fallon is known for his dead-on musical parodies, with impressions of classic rockers Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jim Morrison and of course David Bowie among his most popular. He also was joined by Vedder himself on the 'Late Show' last year to perform a comedy tune about the BP oil spill entitled ‘Balls in Your Mouth.’

Watch Jimmy Fallon As Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Perform 'Jeremy (Lin)'