Jefferson Airplane mark their 50th anniversary this year — and even though they haven't performed since 1989 and singer Grace Slick is retired, guitarist Jorma Kaukonen still thinks there might be a way for the band to reunite in honor of its milestone.

Admitting that a full-blown tour is "not gonna happen," Kaukonen tells ABC News Radio that there are other ways to honor the past. "Grace doesn't sing anymore, but all of us ... love to blab. And so I can see, instead of trying to recreate ... a musical event that happened half a century ago, [it would be cool] to have us sit around on a stage, maybe some of us with acoustic guitars, talk about the process, talk about what we did, where we were [and where] we came from, the experience."

Stressing that at the moment, the idea is "just my dream," Kaukonen admits that "I don't know if the other guys share it or not" but adds, "[G]iven the characters and the way we like to talk, I think it would be a great little show."

Kaukonen, who remains active on the road and is currently out in support of his new solo LP Ain't in No Hurry, compares the Airplane's early years to a musical "first kiss" and acknowledges that any attempt to reproduce the old magic would be a mistake. Still, with the old bonds that linger between former bandmates, he sees no reason not to pay tribute to the past.

"I mean ... none of us ever really screwed each other," he mused. "If you can't be friends with your old friends, who can you be friends with?"

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