One of rock and roll's most respected guitarists faces off against one of the most popular bands of the '70s as Jeff Beck battles Fleetwood Mac in the second semifinal match of the June UCR Hall of Fame elections. Each month, our readers will determine which of eight legendary artists or bands is immortalized forever for their contributions to classic rock history.

Beck, who beat out Jefferson Airplane by the narrowest of margins in round one last week, arrived on the worldwide stage as a member of the Yardbirds, whom he helped lead to some of their greatest successes. He then started a solo career that has found him constantly pushing himself into new genres of music, all the while earning the respect of peers and fans alike for his impeccably tasteful and inventive playing. Check out our list of the Top 10 Jeff Beck Songs if you need a refresher course.

Fleetwood Mac have evolved into at least three different-sounding bands since forming in 1967, but are most remembered for the gorgeously produced pop-rock records they released in the mid-'70s under the leadership of guitarist / singer Lindsey Buckingham. Their 1977 classic 'Rumours' is one of the biggest-selling albums in all of music history, and as our list of the Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs shows, that's just the tip of the iceberg. They defeated Iron Butterfly handily last week to arrive in the semifinals.

Tough choice, right? That's why we're leaving it up to you, not us. Readers can vote in both of our semifinal round matches once a day from now until 11:59PM ET on June 23. You can read the Hall of Fame’s official rules right here. Be sure to mark your calendars for July 1, when the third entrant into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame is revealed.

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