It's official: guitarist Jeff Beck is finally a “legend.” That's the designation that will finally be formally attached to Beck when he is honored by Classic Rock Magazine with their Living Legend Award.

Living legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, all very nice accomplishments for the guitar vet who has so often let his instrument do the majority of the talking over the course of a career filled with many highlights. Speaking with BBC News, Beck said that he's very honored by the award.

"I'm really a backroom boy, not a mainstream rock act," he said. "It means someone is out there looking at what I'm doing, which is really nice." He will be officially honored on November 9 at 'The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour,' which is being hosted by Gene Simmons.

Grasping the exact meaning of “living legend” gives a bit of pause to Beck, who says “it's hard to know what that means.” He has often been an eclectic talent, going against the grain of what his peers were doing in the studio. Beck was never afraid to follow that feeling, no matter where it was leading him.

"Maybe I'll hear an opera singer and go home and write a heavy metal riff. It's just what music does to me. It's hard to explain." Beck heads back out on the road next month for U.S. and Canadian shows that will wrap up at the beginning of November.