Jane's Addiction were slated to perform at the UK's famed Reading Festival on Saturday, Aug. 27, but were forced to cancel at last minute. And no, it had nothing to do with travel issues related to Hurricane Irene, which pounded the East Coast over the weekend. Singer Perry Farrell was afflicted with a sore throat and therefore the band had to axe its performance.

"Although Farrell was treated earlier in the day by top London physicians and had his heart set on trying to perform under any circumstance, in the end he was completely unable to produce any sound vocally," festival organizers said in a prepared statement. "Jane's Addiction would like to deeply apologize to the fans for any inconvenience."

The band's planned performance at the partnering Leeds festival, slated for today, was not canceled as of press time. We hope that Farrell's agitated throat is improved and that he feels better, since being "unable to produce any sound vocally" doesn't sound like much fun. Perhaps Farrell consumed lots of tea with honey to help soothe his aching throat and avoided talking to prevent further damage and/or pain.

Jane's Addiction's new album 'The Great Escape Artist' is due out Oct. 4.