With his new album 'Standing in the Breach' just weeks away from its Oct. 7 release, Jackson Browne is whetting fans' appetites with an advance stream of one track, 'The Birds of St. Marks.'

The song's up at Mojo, part of a post that details the track's long history in the Browne vaults. Originally demoed in 1970, 'Birds' is said to have been inspired by Browne's relationship with Nico, the actress/singer whose association with Andy Warhol led to a brief collaboration with the Velvet Underground. Her 1967 debut LP, 'Chelsea Girl,' included three Browne-penned tracks, including the future classic 'These Days.'

Although it's never previously appeared on one of his studio sets, Browne has performed 'The Birds of St. Marks' in concert over the years, and he included a version on his 2005 live album, 'Solo Acoustic Vol. 1.'

Browne may have just been waiting for the right group of musicians; as he previously enthused regarding the new LP, "This is my ideal band, with some of my favorite players, all of whom appear on the new CD, and whose combined gifts provide the musical foundation and emotional underpinnings of my new songs. The interplay between Val McCallum and Greg Leisz on this album -- the effortlessness of their chemistry is a gift, really, that just dropped into my lap. I feel fortunate to have them out on the road for this tour."