Before they embarked on their career as celebrity brewmasters, the guys in Iron Maiden entertained generations of rock fans with their signature style of British metal, exerting a powerful influence that recently earned the band a fresh accolade at this year's Kerrang! Awards.

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian presented Maiden with the 2013 Inspiration Award, crediting their early records -- and distinctive image -- with inspiring his own band. Saying Maiden "ruled my world" for a decade, Ian recalled, "No other band was as big of an influence on Anthrax. Creatively, we looked up to them as a band because they did everything their own way, not giving a s--- about what was trendy or popular because they were Iron Maiden. Professionally, we looked up to them because their organization was -- from band to management to crew -- an incredible massive machine that would travel the planet on tour, and night after night after night, never give less than 100%."

Eventually, Ian and his bandmates had a chance to work alongside the Maiden crew, and the experience proved just as inspirational as admiring their music from afar. "We were lucky enough to be taken under their wing early on," he continued, "touring with them for months at a time and getting the greatest education a band could ever get. We went to f---ing Maiden school and we were better for it."

Ian's complete prepared remarks were too long for the ceremony, but he's posted the speech, which includes tributes to Motorhead and Judas Priest, at his official site.