Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and the band's 2015 holiday card pays animated tribute to all of them.

Maiden posted their most recent Christmas greeting to Facebook, and as you can see above, it's a colorful yuletide cartoon set to the strains of "Empire of the Clouds," a track from their most recent LP, this year's The Book of Souls. Fittingly, the new record figures prominently into the clip's storyline, as it features the latest Eddie being introduced to a cackling gang of his predecessors.

So what do multiple Eddies do when they get together? Well, they're up to no good, naturally — in fact, they've arranged for a bit of holiday hazing for the clan's newest member, though as you'll see below, it's nothing too serious. And you'll get a glimpse of the Eddies' Christmas tree, too, with all the bottles of Trooper beer anyone could ever need to get themselves into the holiday spirit. It makes for a fittingly festive end to a year that not only brought the release of the band's first double album, but saw singer Bruce Dickinson triumph over cancer.

Even better, now that 2015 is nearly in the books, fans can start looking forward to the band's next world tour, which is scheduled to begin Feb. 24 in Fort Lauderdale. Whatever else 2016 has in store for Maiden, here's hoping they have just as many reasons to celebrate — and deliver another entertaining Christmas card — a year from now.

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