You've never seen the Madden Giferator like this, sports fans. An enterprising fan has melded EA's new marketing campaign for Madden 15 with one of Iron Maiden's most recognizable songs, the galloping 1982 classic 'Run to the Hills.' You can watch the results above.

Typically, the Madden Giferator is a football trash-talker's dream, allowing fans to combine live NFL data with Madden 15 graphics to create real-time GIFs. But pay close attention to the moment when Maiden's ferocious guitars take over, and you'll see one of the funniest moments in this video, which bears the simple but brilliant title 'Iron Madden.' At that point, the confusingly worded caption reads, “shredding here cannot be adequately represented by dancing football mans.”

'Run to the Hills,' written by Maiden bassist Steve Harris, marked the band's debut of singer Bruce Dickinson. The song became a hit twice. First, it was a No. 7 U.K. single in 1982; three years later, a live version made it to No. 26.

The track is no stranger to the gaming world either, having been used for 'SSX on Tour' in 2005 and 'Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned' in 2009.