Iggy and The Stooges ‘Raw Power: Live In The Hands Of Fans’ was filmed by six fans in the audience, with handheld cameras during the 2010 ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival’ in Monticello, N.Y. The six lucky filmmakers were selected through an online fan contest so the video is shot like a bootleg, yet it’s not.

Released on DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 27, this particular show was near the end of the tour, which according to Iggy is a good thing. “You always start to feel like you’re a dirty windshield on a long highways with lots of bugs – but you begin to play, really, really edgy and really well” Pop told Rolling Stone.

Iggy doesn’t allow regular camera crews at the shows and felt this would be a creative, non-intrusive, fun way to film the gig. He trashes the traditional idea of filming performance: “two guys who are in the union and could be on the set of a Brady Bunch remake or something sitting on these camera track, dolly driven, electronic behemoths, going back and forth in front of the stage while you’re working, really sucks.”

The vibe of the festival was laid back and it was a two and a half foot stage, sans a security barrier. This is how it was when Pop started his career and that’s how he likes it now. “That has become more and more of a rare event. Shows now have camera tracks and a stage below the stage and a pit for the Doberman Pinschers.”

Rightly titled, ‘In The Hands Of Fans’ allows Pop to connect directly with his audience. He's a street-trained professional and when it comes to overcoming barriers from the stage, he clearly deserves a hand.

Watch the Stooges Perform ‘Search And Destroy’ at All Tomorrow’s Parties 2010