The new commercial for HP's DV6T laptop computer (sexy product name, guys!) features Jimi Hendrix strutting and preening his way through his beloved 'Foxy Lady' while wearing one heck of a pink feather boa.

Dynamic live performance footage of Hendrix in concert fills the screen as the commercial starts, but then we gradually pull back to realize this high-quality footage is being seen on the new HP computer screen. As the amazing sound, video and budget price of the computer are touted, Hendrix does his best to make sure we're not listening with a typically incendiary guitar solo.

'Foxy Lady' was the opening track on the British version of Jimi's 1967 debut album 'Are You Experienced?' Of course, over here in America, we moved things around, just like we did to the early Beatles records, putting the track second to last on our version of the record.

Here's our back-to-school shopping tip of the day: If you're a Jimi completist looking to buy a new computer, make sure it's one with a lot of hard drive space, because next month Sony Legacy is releasing a flood of new live Hendrix material, including an expanded edition of the 1972 collection 'In the West' and a four-CD edition of the previously single-disc 'Winterland' concert anthology.

Watch the HP DV6T Commercial Featuring Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxy Lady'