The mutual admiration society between Heart and the Foo Fighters continues -- and continues to produce performances that fans of both bands can love.

The Foo Fighters invited Heart to join them for a song during their week-long residency on 'Late Show With David Letterman,' teaming up for a cover of Heart's 'Kick It Out' that, as Ann Wilson told Rolling Stone, was as much fun for the band as it was for the audience.

"[The Foo Fighters] were like, 'Hey, can you come over and do this thing?' We said, 'Of course,' because they’re our buds," Wilson explained. "It was a really fun experience. The Foo Fighters are hilarious guys. The way 'Kick It Out' sounded that night was the difference between two guitars and four guitars on stage. It [had] a very kinetic, powerful kick to it and I liked it."

The members of Heart have now returned the favor with a backstage rendition of the Foos' 'No Way Back,' captured in the above video. "We wanted to give something back to them," Wilson added. "Just to say thank you. It's the perfect HOOT song and worked well with the esoteric instruments we had around. It's a classic ripper with good melodies, great lyrics and perfect for hair-flipping."

Will we hear further collaborations between Heart and the Foo Fighters? Wilson remained noncommittal, but left the door wide open, saying, "I personally would love to do something with them again. But it has to be the perfect thing."