It's already been covered by everyone from Boy George to Carrie Underwood, but what's one more version of 'Go Your Own Way' between friends, right? The Head & the Heart stopped by the AV Club this week to take part in the site's long-running Undercover series, and decided to add their own spin to the Fleetwood Mac classic first released on 1977's 'Rumours.'

So what sets this latest version apart from the original? Well...where the music Fleetwood Mac released during its commercial peak was marked by an extreme attention to sonic detail, led by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham's distinctive tone, the Head & the Heart got one take in an office studio, and the results were, shall we say, charmingly ragged. Depending on your tolerance for pitchy vocals, your mileage may vary.

Either way, give the band points for bravery; it takes guts to sit down in front of the cameras, tackle a song everyone knows by heart, and send the results out to the World Wide Web. The Punch Brothers recently took the same dare by covering the Cars' 'Just What I Needed.' And who knows? Maybe hearing this will be the motivation Fleetwood Mac needs to get back in the studio and on the road.

Watch The Head & the Heart cover Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way'

The Head & The Heart cover Fleetwood Mac