Alice Cooper turns 64 today (Feb. 4) and according to his website he’ll be celebrating it with family and friends in Phoenix, Ariz. When asked about his special day, Cooper said he wishes that Paul McCartney would call him and sing ‘When I’m Sixty-Four.’ While Cooper wishes for a singing Beatle telegram, we’re having a look at how five classic rockers have wished in the name of Alice and more often than not, discovered wishes come true.

1. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler wished he would have called Joe Perry before Cooper did:

In 1984 during a lull in Aerosmith’s career, guitarist Joe Perry was very interested in partnering with Cooper. At that time, Steven Tyler and Perry were not on speaking terms, but when Tyler discovered Perry’s side interests, he feared a Perry-Cooper connection could be the end of Aerosmith. Perry did work with Cooper and they recorded a few demos, however this is what led Tyler to swallow his pride and call up Perry, which resulted in a rebirth of sorts for Aerosmith.

2. Slash from Guns N’ Roses wished Cooper straight into his career:

Slash is a major Cooper fan, so to go from devotee to guest guitarist many a time over is definitely a wish come true. Over the years, Slash has been documented to play ‘Only Women Bleed,’ ‘Lost In America,’ and ‘Cold Ethyl’ with Cooper on stage. Furthermore, he appears in the ‘Prime Cuts’ video and on Cooper’s 1997 ‘Fistful Of Alice’ and the 2008 ‘Along Came A Spider’ recordings. In 2010, Slash and Cooper co-wrote a song together titled ‘Baby Can’t Drive.’

3. Kiss in their formation wished to recreate four Alice Coopers:

In several Kiss biographies and interviews it’s been said that when Kiss formed the original group, the idea was “if one Alice Cooper worked, four Alice Cooper’s would work as well.” Often in the early ‘70s the band and/or their manager Bill Aucoin would show up at Cooper shows. Later, Kiss drummer Eric Singer even wished himself into Cooper’s band.

4. The Who’s drummer Keith Moon wished himself right into Cooper’s guest bedroom:

According to Cooper, Keith Moon would come over to his house unannounced and stay for however long he pleased. Though Alice would tell Moon that he and Sheryl (Cooper’s wife) needed to leave for a tour or some other occasion, Keith would respond with a “Great, I’ll see you guys when you get back!”

5. Iggy Pop wishes Cooper took better care of his records:

Iggy Pop and Cooper go way back, sharing the same stages many times in Detroit, Mich. Pop told Ruta 66 magazine that he knows that Cooper is a big fan of The Stooges because once when he visited Cooper in New York, he found that Cooper had 15 vinyl copies of ‘Funhouse.’ Apparently, it was one of his favorite records and he’d often scratch it, so he bought multiple copies of it. Later, when it was released on CD, Pop lovingly gave the digital version of ‘Funhouse’ to Cooper in hopes that he’d never scratch it again.

An amazing Alice Cooper website called sickthingsuk was the source for the majority of this material and we highly recommend checking them out.