Ultimate Classic Rock readers have cut Guns N' Roses' twin 1991 'Use Your Illusion' albums down to a single disc, 14-track edition after two weeks of voting.

Unsurprisingly, 'Illusion I''s epic ballad 'November Rain' received the most votes, turning up on 95% of all submitted ballots, followed closely by 'II' standouts 'Civil War' and 'You Could be Mine.' In fact, all nine songs released as singles from the two albums make their way onto this condensed version of 'Use Your Illusion.'

You can see the full list below, with voting percentages included for each song. 'Illusion II' wins bragging rights by sending eight songs onto the collection, compared to just six for 'I.' If you're curious about what song almost made the list, that would be 'Double Talkin' Jive,' which ended up just eight votes behind 'Dust N' Bones' for the final spot.

Axl Rose's album-closing electro-rock rant 'My World' was the least selected song, followed in reverse order by 'Bad Apples,' 'You Ain't the First,' Shotgun Blues,' and 'So Fine' as the least popular songs according to your votes.

Today (Sept. 17) marks the 20th anniversary of the release date for the 'Use Your Illusion' albums, and guitarist Slash recently detailed the personal and creative struggles behind the creation of the massive 30-track collection in a very interesting interview.

Guns N' Roses 'Use Your Illusion' Single Disc Edition as Chosen by UCR Readers:

14. 'Dust N' Bones' - On 42% of all ballots.
13. '14 Years' - 43%
12. 'Locomotive' - 48%
11. 'Dead Horse' - 49%
10. 'Pretty Tied Up' - 52%
9. 'Coma' - 60%
8. 'Yesterdays' - 66%
7. 'Live and Let Die' - 67%
6. 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' - 72%
5. 'Estranged' - 75%
4. 'Don't Cry' - 81%
3. 'You Could Be Mine' - 86%
2. 'Civil War' - 89%
1. 'November Rain' - 95%