Are Guns N' Roses making plans for a third Las Vegas residency?

Speculation has sparked following the appearance of a poster, reportedly being displayed at the city's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, that reads "All we need is just a little patience: Guns N' Roses. Coming September 2015, a new resort attraction." You can check out the image below, courtesy of the Twitter account @gunsnrosesnews:

This falls well short of an official announcement, but those who remember the way GNR teased their 2014 residency at the Vegas Hard Rock — including a billboard and a cryptic Facebook post — may find it easy to believe the same veil of secrecy would surround a return engagement.

Then again, as a user at MyGNRForum points out, "A residency is an 'event.' A slot machine or memorabilia exhibition is a 'resort attraction.'" And given that @gunsnrosesnews reports this poster is reportedly being displayed "at what used to be" the hotel's Center Bar, it seems plausible that this "attraction" could end up being part of some sort of rock-themed arcade.

Of course, where Axl Rose is concerned, you really never know what's going to happen until it's already over, but it's well worth mentioning that the band's site doesn't list any tour dates — and guitarist Richard Fortus recently suggested that 2016 would be the next time we'd see the band on the road, saying, "“We’re going to be doing stuff next year. We’re not going to have anything out this year. Next year it should be out and we’ll be touring."

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