In what appears to be a truly heartwarming sign that 2013 will not find us wanting for deeply ironic pronouncements from our favorite rock stars, Guns N' Roses guitarist Bumblefoot has offered a list of tips to aspiring musicians -- and its number one entry is "be on time."

Not that that's bad advice, of course -- even in a wild and crazy creative-run field like rock music, it's important to show people you respect their time. But given that Bumblefoot has spent the last six years and change on stage with one of the most notoriously tardy bands in history, it's hard not to chuckle a little when reading his recent interview with Ryze-Up Magazine (via Blabbermouth).

Asked what advice he has to offer "newbies in the music scene," Bumblefoot -- who had a number of smart and insightful things to say during the interview -- responded with a three-point list that started with "Be on time. By 'on time' I mean 'be early.' Make sure you're there for when you need to be -- wait in your car, communicate, let them know 10 minutes early that you'll be there in five minutes, and walk in five minutes later."

Those are some solid words to live by no matter which career field you happen to be in -- and they've obviously served Bumblefoot well in his personal life; as he told the magazine, he's been "married for 16 years, going on 23 years together [with my wife] and it's better now than it's ever been." Now if only he could get Axl Rose to follow his lead...