Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses was captured on a fan-shot video falling off stage briefly during the band's Mexico City concert this week. The incident happened as he was performing 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door,' and we're here to say that he handled the slip like a true pro.

OK, it's easy to laugh, as many in the crowd did. But from even our limited knowledge of stage setups, we know that the dimensions of various venues across the world means musicians don't know exactly what their performing space is going to look like every night. Add to that about a thousand lights and flashing cameras in your face, plus cables everywhere, and even a gymnast would fall from time to time up there.

Plus... did anybody notice the important thing, that the new Guns N' Roses seem to be having quite a nice little musical moment up there? The minute long clip finds them in the quiet breakdown segment of 'Door,' and it's sounding pretty good to us. It's clearly GNR, but the guitarist (which one, we can't tell) isn't slavishly copying Izzy or Slash. Maybe we should all be looking forward to their upcoming U.S. tour a bit more, huh?

For his part, Axl takes the stage fall in stride, barely missing any of his vocal lines, waving off bandmate and road crew offers of help, and dryly noting -- if we're hearing him correctly -- "I'm so slighted" in response to the laughter of some fans. The crowd proves their good nature by giving Rose a big cheer as he returns to his feet and starts prowling the stage again.

Watch Axl Rose Slip at a Guns N' Roses Show