The Grateful Dead aren't just coming to Chicago for some special 50th anniversary concerts this summer — they may also be headed for a theater near you.

The band won't be traveling to your local cineplex live and in person, but thanks to Fathom Events, they will be "playing" as part of the fifth annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up, scheduled for May 4 at more than 400 select theaters around the United States. You can watch the trailer -- which is an exclusive premiere -- above.

Those in attendance will be treated to a viewing of footage from a previously unreleased show recorded on July 19, 1989, at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wis. Promising to present the band in "a peak era of energy and chemistry onstage," the experience offers Dead fans an opportunity "to reconnect as well as a chance for new fans or those curious about the scene to experience the euphoria of seeing the Grateful Dead live."

It also has the added bonus of being nowhere near as expensive as seeing the actual surviving members of the band play at the 50th anniversary concerts, which are being billed as the Dead's farewell. Demand for tickets has been strong since the shows were announced, and they're fetching incredible prices (not to mention inspiring absurd schemes) on the secondary market.

There's reportedly a chance that the 2015 edition of the Dead may schedule some extra shows in the Bay Area before calling it quits for real, but if you don't want to take your chances — or if you just want to sit in the dark with some fellow Deadheads — check the Fathom Events website for a complete list of participating theaters.

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