Nearly two decades after he left to follow the Grateful Dead on what turned out to be their final tour with Jerry Garcia, a South Carolina man named Jason Patrick Callahan has been reported missing by his mother.

According to police reports obtained by the Smoking Gun, Callahan's mother Margaretta Evans told police "she has not seen or heard from her son since early June of 1995," not long after he "advised that he left to follow the Grateful Dead at that time." Callahan, who would be 38 today, is described as being "approximately 5'10" to 6'00" in height and approximately 160 pounds," with "wavy brown hair and brown eyes."

While the notion of a Deadhead's mother waiting 20 years to report him missing might seem to be cause for a slew of stoner jokes, the timing of Evans' police report may not be as odd or random as it appears. The Smoking Gun points out that there's been a recent groundswell of social media activity surrounding "Grateful Doe," a long-unidentified Dead fan who passed away in a car accident on June 26, 1995 in Virginia.

You can read more about the Grateful Doe case here, and see evidence in the clip posted above; obviously, if you have any evidence that might lead to either case being closed, please contact authorities -- and please join us in hoping this all ends with a minimum of additional heartbreak for Margaretta Evans.

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