All good things must come to an end, as they say, and so the story goes with the final release in the Grateful Dead's 'Road Trips' series. 17 releases over four years have brought Deadheads a stash-and-a-half of of live recordings from their vast archives. On the band's website, site moderator Blair Jackson states "It was a pretty good run for that series, and now it’s time to try something new."

The Grateful Dead were the first, and most dedicated, of any band in terms of recording its live shows over the years, an act that has paid off aurally for their many fans and monetarily for the band. The 'Road Trips' series covered terrain from a legendary Valentine's Day show in San Francisco circa 1968 up to a 1993 performance in Sacramento, with lots of stops in between. This final installment delivers a set from June 9, 1976. Jackson commented that this particular edition "has long been a personal favorite, so I’m really delighted that it is finally being released!

Following in the footsteps of previous series such as "Dick's Picks" and "From the Vaults," Deadheads can rest assured that while this may be the final 'road trip,' it's certainly not the last to be heard from the band's massive tape vaults. Jackson said, "There is definitely going to be another release program dedicated to putting out the best material in the vault. We’ll be revealing details of the new series very soon, so stay tuned!" And most likely turned on, as well, especially after uncorking a bottle of Steal Your Face wine!