The first-round battle for induction into the completely fan-voted Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame continues, with the Grateful Dead and David Bowie facing off.

As famous as each became, ultimately they took much different paths to get there. One created an entire jam-band aesthetic, while the other has boasted a chameleon-like ability to shed musical masks. One represents a unique American gumbo of influences, while the other personified the UK-sparked glam-rock movement -- for a while, anyway.

The Grateful Dead started in the mid-'60s counterculture melting pot of San Francisco, while Bowie studied art, music and design at London's Bromley Technical High School. Both built their legacy into the '70s, though Bowie would do so in a manner much different than Grateful Dead, which drew a sprawling fanbase by criss-crossing the globe for a steady series of thrillingly improvisational concerts. The '80s then found both at the upper reaches of the pop charts, though -- once again -- 'Let's Dance' couldn't have less in common with 'Touch of Grey.' Bowie, who had already dabbled in psychedelic folk, the aforementioned glam rock, funk and soul and Krautrock, then went on to explore electronica.

So, which side are you on -- the Grateful Dead or David Bowie? Vote once an hour between now and Monday, Jan. 12 at 11:59PM ET. This month’s inductee will be announced on Jan. 27. Be sure to read our official rules.

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