Perhaps that 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' Glenn Frey is feeling comes from another year passing. The Eagles singer, guitarist and keyboardist and solo artist turns 64 on Nov. 6.

Frey began his career backing up '70s superstar Linda Ronstadt before exiting to form the Eagles. During his tenure, Frey had a hand in either writing or co-writing many of their hits. He also sang on such radio staples as 'Take It Easy,' 'Already Gone,' 'Heartache Tonight,' and 'Tequila Sunrise.'

After his exit from the Eagles (he's since returned), he had a successful run as a solo artist, scoring hit singles with 'The Heat Is On,' 'You Belong to the City,' 'Smuggler's Blues,' and 'The One You Love.' He also went on to act on TV's 'Miami Vice' and 'South of Sunset' and had a role in the film 'Jerry Maguire.'