The speculation of how the Rolling Stones will celebrate their 50th anniversary continues. News from the U.K. this morning (June 17) suggests that the group is looking to appear at next year's Glastonbury Festival, which will be the band's last-ever performance.

The Sunday Mirror quotes sources close to the band, who say that they will play a handful of shows in America and Britain next year, with the final hurrah being the closing slot on the Pyramid stage of the prestigious festival.

“All four members have agreed that next year is the right time to have one final hurrah and put on the gig of their lives," the source said. “It’s a case of now or never, and ­obviously Glastonbury is the most important ­festival on the circuit. Everybody’s incredibly excited... it’s a final bow.”

Granted, the Mirror is a British tabloid, so these unnamed sources should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, if Ronnie Wood seems to change the story every couple of weeks, how trustworthy is an anonymous source? Still, it's not implausible to suggest that the Stones, at their age, would want to perform fewer dates and make their final shows be major events.