Kiss are gearing up to embark on their first-ever Kiss Kruise, a "Wet, Wild & Rockin'" boat trip that will set sail from Miami on Oct. 13 and makes two stops in the Bahamas before returning to Miami on Oct. 17.

The cruise will offer fans two different Kiss concerts -- a full-on Kiss performance and a special makeup-free unplugged gig -- plus a slew of other Kiss-related highlights, and Gene Simmons recently discussed the band's plans to go Kruising and more.

"The Kiss Kruise is a chance for all of us — the band and the fans — to have a ball. Just let your hair down and not worry about it at all," Simmons tells "We’ve never liked that moat — the stage — separating the band from the fans. So whenever we do a show, we try to take the action right to your face. A cruise will let the fans get up close."

Just how close is still up in the air, but there will be a Kasino Night hosted by drummer Eric Singer, miniature golf with lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, Q&A sessions with both manager Doc McGhee and Kiss -- and maybe even a chance for fans to party all nite with the band.

"We’re going to have a deck up top to ourselves and we will certainly want to bring up fans," says Simmons. "It may be a little difficult to get down to the lower levels and hang out a lot, because you’ve got 3,000 people on board, who are basically going to shred you to pieces."

Simmons also reveals that while Kiss are on board, they will be recording their new album, which is titled 'Monster' and is being produced by Paul Stanley.