The career of Frank Zappa has been nothing if not innovative. Nearly 20 years after his death, his estate is continuing his tradition by coming up with a new way of licensing his music, by allowing his fans to serve as independent distributors.

Between now and Dec. 28, the Zappa Family Trust is selling master duplication copies of 'Roxy by Proxy,' 76 minutes of previously unreleased songs from Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's performances at the Roxy in Los Angeles on Dec. 9-10, 1973. Other songs from Zappa's 1973 Roxy dates were released on 1974's 'Roxy and Elsewhere.'

For $1,000, fans will get the music, liner notes and artwork so that they can make copies and sell them on their own or give away as gifts. Licensees can charge whatever they feel the market value is for the CDs, however, they must pay Zappa Records a mechanical royalty of $1.20 for every copy sold or delivered.

"You are the ones who want it and you are the ones we need to help us make it happen," the Zappa Family Trust said via press release. "This is also a big Thank You to all the fans that are ready willing and able to participate in the ultimate adventure of distributing this record. We are grateful – and we are hopeful that you will show us how to do it better than it has ever been done before."

The Zappa family is hoping to raise enough money from the sales of 'Roxy by Proxy' to complete production on film and home video versions of 'The Roxy Performances.' For complete information about the project, visit its website.