Perennial classic rock favorites Foreigner have announced a plan to bring the live concert experience to fans anywhere in the world via webcast, utilizing a unique, Do-It-Yourself strategy.

Instead of presenting one concert in an expensive, multi-camera style, Foreigner aims to share many shows over the coming months by using a budget-minded, single-camera view. The concert webcasts are being filmed from a fixed camera in the middle of the venue, in an effort to create a more authentic concert-going point of view.

While it’s not a front row seat, at least nobody's going to shove your date aside or spill beer on you.

A statement from band management says, “We realize, despite extensive touring, Foreigner is unable to reach all our fans from around the world. Or maybe they are coming to your town but you can't afford a ticket in these rough times. Now is your chance to see what they do best -- perform live!”

The first show, recorded in Marksville, La., is now available for your viewing pleasure. According to Foreigner's official site, it’s the first of many concerts that they hope to webcast in the upcoming future.

Foreigner will be on tour throughout the summer opening for Journey, with additional five-star support coming from Night Ranger. Click here to check out the full list of tour dates.

Watch Foreigner Perform Live in Marksville, La.