Foreigner is spending this summer thrilling audiences across the country on the 'Soundtrack of Summer' tour alongside fellow rock legends Styx and Don Felder. We'll be getting weekly updates from the road courtesy of Mick Jones' assistant Tim Hare. In the first installment, Hare talks about the adjustments it takes to wake up in a different city every day, and what it's like to spend time around musical heroes and even baseball Hall of Famers. Enjoy!

There is something inherently American about long summer nights spent with friends and significant others, watching the sun creep below the horizon line and blasting rock and roll too loud for some, but not loud enough for young lovers and old souls. It is with this sense of nostalgia that we happily provide the Soundtrack of Summer tour for you to follow along with. While I didn’t grow up with Don Felder, Styx, or Foreigner in the '70s and '80s, my parents sure did and it’s been fun getting to travel around the United States with their heroes.

It’s not typical to start your day being introduced to Don Felder and the members of the band Styx, but I don’t have a typical job. It’s mid-afternoon on the day of the first show in Wichita and I am in the dressing room making sure everything is ready for Mick Jones. Obviously Mick has known these guys a long time, so when they come to catch up Mick makes the friendly introductions. It usually takes a few minutes for my brain to register that I am in the midst of a conversation with rock legends -- and when it does, I try to excuse myself so I can text my Dad and make him jealous.

Mick is such an important figure in music that it’s very common for other celebrities to come and say hello. During a recent show in Tampa Bay, baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs was backstage and I had my first “fandemonium” moment. I ran up to Mick whispering, “Wade Boggs is here! THE Wade Boggs.” I’m sure Mick thought to himself, “How come you don’t get this excited when we hang out?” Being a Red Sox fan it was hard not to geek out over Boggsy. I wasn’t the only one in our crew either. I found a few fellow baseball fans in our group, including even some band members who were eager for an autograph from the living legend. The funniest part about it was how excited Wade was to meet Mick. He was totally star struck by Mr. Jones. Mick -- a big Yankee fan, much to my chagrin -- took a couple of snap shots backstage for Wade’s collection, and we all jumped in a photo together for my own collection. These are the perks of my job!

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the excitement of the touring life, but it’s important to stay healthy and sane while on the road. Each tour I have worked turns into a big family since we spend so much time away from our own. It’s easy to get homesick, hotel-sick, bus-sick, etc. when you spend so much time in your room or in your bunk. While this isn’t a job any of us would give up for anything in the world, it is a job we have to train for as waking up in a new city each night can become overwhelming.

Luckily we have such great fans to keep us in high spirits and from getting too lonely away from our loved ones. It wouldn’t be right not to share so much great music with everyone, so come out and see us this summer and make us feel at home! Until next week, Jukebox Heroes…

- Tim

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