We know he can play the bass, and he's no slouch when it comes to songwriting, either, as he's the one responsible for the majority of Starship's 'Loveless Fascination' album. But Foreigner's Jeff Pilson isn't always the sharpest dresser.

For proof, look no further than this shot, taken at the conclusion of Foreigner's recent tour with fellow AOR stalwarts FM and Europe. As the band's Facebook page explains: "The last show in the UK performed in Wolverhampton was the final show with both FM and Europe supporting Foreigner. To celebrate the final concert FM and Europe were planning to surprise the band by joining them onstage to sing the chorus during 'I Want To Know What Love Is.' Well word leaked to the band and not to be out done, Jeff Pilson, our resident Bass/Prank master, jumped onstage during Europe’s massive hit 'The Final Countdown' wearing just his underwear and a cape! We all had a good laugh at that one especially the guys in Europe."

Of course, Pilson is far from the first to make a dramatic entrance during 'The Final Countdown,' but the cape-and-skivvies combo is definitely a unique touch. Here's hoping everyone keeps their pants on when Foreigner hits the road with Styx and Don Felder for the 'Soundtrack of Summer' tour in May.