As if being ripped apart by both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne wasn't humiliating enough, now U2 are being slammed by the Foo Fighters' drummer for having the audacity to give away their new album to anyone with an iTunes account two months ago.

As the Foos make the promotional rounds for their new album, 'Sonic Highways' (which comes out today), Taylor Hawkins, who plays drums for the band, told Australia's The Music that he, like thousands of other people who weren't too thrilled to find a new U2 album in their iTunes, that 'Songs of Innocence' was not welcome on his phone or computer.

“What happened to U2, man?" Hawkins said. "I don’t think people are that hyped on them.” He said he listened to the album a grand total of one time and didn't think there was "anything great on it.” "It just kinda sounds like a fart any way you listen to it.”

Hawkins also wasn't too thrilled with U2's method of delivery, which he compared to a popular George Orwell novel about a futuristic dystopia. "I think they probably thought it was gonna be a great idea: ‘Here’s the deal: Everybody who has an iPhone, gets your record. And they get it for free!’" he said. "And they thought, probably, ‘Well that’s pretty awesome!’ But they didn’t really take into consideration the Big Brother feeling that kinda goes along with like, ‘[In menacing voice] You have the new U2 record’ … You couldn’t get rid of it and they actually had to come up with an app to get rid of it, that’s horrible.”

Bono has since apologized for giving away his band's music for free and has learned his lesson. So keep that in mind when you end up spending $15 on 'Songs of Experience' next year.

Meanwhile, Hawkins and his band continue to push their new record the old-fashion way: with tons of online teases, weeklong late-night TV-show residencies and an HBO series about the making of the record.

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