The Foo Fighters' recent visit to Amsterdam took an embarrassing turn after a glitch in the stage show left Dave Grohl temporarily trapped under a curtain.

You can watch it all go awry in the above footage, which starts rolling immediately prior to the opening chords of "Everlong." After getting the crowd pumped up for the show to begin, the band launches into the song, triggering the curtain drop — only things don't go the way they're supposed to, and for a few moments that must have felt like an eternity for the band and stage crew, Grohl found himself performing in the dark.

To his credit, Grohl kept going for about a minute before finally bringing the song to a halt so the problem could be sorted out. The crew ultimately opted to simply pull the curtain all the way up — and while this meant the Foos needed to start "Everlong" all over again, Grohl didn't seem too bothered by the snafu.

"Sometimes," he can be heard telling the crowd, "it’s the f---ed up things that make you remember the show for the rest of your life."

Grohl's seen several tours' worth of that stuff during the Foos' current road run, which had to be called to a temporary halt after he broke his leg during a show and underwent surgery before coming up with the painkiller-induced design for the rock 'n' roll throne he's been sitting on while waiting for the cast to come off.

The band is currently completing a round of European dates before moving on to its next project, which might mean the impending release of new music or the announcement of something even bigger.

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